Affiliate Marketing – What Product Should I Promote?

One of the biggest reasons people fail in affiliate marketing is because they don’t know how to pick a profitable product to promote. When you’re first getting started in affiliate marketing, you may see a lot of great products you want to promote. It’s a great time to be in, as there are so many products. But be careful, because there are a lot of scammers who are just trying to make a quick buck off you. They may have a great product, but their sales page makes you feel like they don’t have time to teach you how to promote. They only have time to give you all the information they know in less than a minute.

What this means for you is, you could end up spending way more then you would get from the product itself. This is how scammers make money, they take advantage of beginners, by giving us a product we will never use. If you don’t know what to do with it, then you have missed the boat.

There are several factors that go in determining if a product you want to promote will be profitable for you or not. I will go into these three here and explain them.

1. Gravity

2. Commission

Gravity: Gravity is a measure of how many sales there are per thousand visits. Meaning if 1% of webmasters use a particular link to get to a particular product, this means there are 10% of the world that use it to access your product. But it also means that just 1% of the people who use this link to access the product are going to purchase it. But, this does not necessarily mean it’s bad. It could just mean there are not enough people using the link to access the product yet. So, the gravity is an indicator of how big the niche really is. But, if you have a product with a higher gravity, it could mean more people are using it.

Commission: Commission is a measure of the percent of commission amount an affiliate will receive. It really doesn’t matter what a commission is. A commission can always be raised or lowered. But, what these settings really mean is, you can set the product commission to be as high as 90% of the product price. Or, you can set it to be 20% of the price of the product. This is an endless amount of money you will make. However, if you set it too high, it will become frustrating to promote the product. It becomes too hard to make a sale. I would suggest leaving the commission at 20% because it’s a common setting, and it’s also a setting some marketers do not do. But, if you don’t know what a product’s price is, or you don’t know if it’s worth much, this setting might be too high.

These are two settings you need to know. And, if you are doing your research right, you should know all of them already. But, in case you don’t, CLICK HERE to check out this video that gives you an introduction to affiliate marketing.

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