Kevin Davis, CEO and Founder of Anosin Group. I’m an Army veteran, husband, dog owner, friend , healer and entrepreneur.
I live in Manor Texas with my husband and two dogs. I got into internet marketing because I saw that it could help me live a better life. And I soon realized it could also help other people like me live a better life.
What I mean by other people like me is anyone who wants to live a better and believe that this can be done by making money online.

My purpose and passion is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible not struggle while they are on their journey to leave their 9 to 5 jobs.
An entrepreneur has to eat and work twice as hard to make that transition happen. I know. And I want to contribute my skills, talents and insights, I’ve learned along the way.

Over my ten years in internet marketing, I’ve learned quite a bit about video marketing. I became certified to create videos for business long ago and learned much about ranking videos also. I’ve created video bundles and video products during that time.

I’ve discovered that traffic is key in making money online. I’ve created a nice following on Linkedin, created local marketing groups for local business marketing and advertising and offered training on getting leads and traffic. So I can definitely help with getting eyes on your offers.

Email was a scary aspect for me but now it has become a fun way to communicate and a time saver. If you need help with that I’m just a click away.

Blogging has become a way for me to express myself. It lets me tell you my story, struggles and successes. It keeps me honest and humble. I enjoy it.

Website creation has been fun because it lets me be creative. I’ve always been an artist. My best friend and I in high school drew our own comic books. Here’s a character I am currently using in my graphic novel
I’m creating.

Along the same lines social media has a lot of appeal for me. The artist in me loves it when a good design comes together.

I’ve been in my town before it grew and saw the potential it had for growth and got in at the grow floor. I helped serve small businesses bring in more customers and advertise their businesses.

But my ultimate passion is coaching. It’s deciding on an outcome, developing a plan and making it happen. It just so happens that following those steps will make an entrepreneur trying to leave his job a success when applied correctly. And my hope is to give you some insights to help you along the way.

I started my first business in 1990 as a massage therapist. I’m no longer licensed but 5 years of massages every weekend engrains itself into your system.

I only do it for close friends now but still enjoy the practice of meditating and the spiritual practices that I learned. I progressed with massage and have currently been a Reiki Master for 10 years now.

I’m at the age where I feel I want to contribute and I believe I have a lot to contribute to newbie entrepreneurs. We all had to start somewhere and by no means are you late to the game.

For the future, my dream is to create a clear path for others to make money online. To show others that having your own business is achievable and manageable no matter who you are or where you come from.