Building a Schedule that Works with your Unique Rhythm

It’s no secret that having a schedule helps you with productivity. That being said, a schedule can feel confining and threatening if it goes against your natural and unique rhythm. It doesn’t make sense to adopt a schedule that causes frustration or resistance, especially if you are the boss. Your schedule should help you feel focused and productive without making you feel controlled and micro-managed.

Before diving into how to build a schedule, let’s take a look at what it means to have one. Even the most dependable people who self-regulate need a schedule. A schedule isn’t a task master who is there to rob you of the freedom you want most as an entrepreneur. Making peace with the idea of a schedule is an important part of building one that works with your unique rhythm.

A schedule is a guide and a method for you to complete tasks and stay focused while you work. Schedules mean productivity and time well spent so you have more of it for other things.

Here are some tips for building a schedule that works with your unique rhythm

Tip- Decide when you want to work.

If you want to be motivated, making the decision about when you want to work is crucial. Having the power to choose what’s best for your rhythm will make all the difference in how willing and able you are to work. If you have the option to choose when you work, do it. If you are a morning person, set aside the beginning of the day for your most productive work time. Schedule your off-duty time when you are least productive. If you are a night owl, create a work schedule that allows you to do work later in the day.

Tip- Know yourself and take care of yourself.

Knowing ourselves helps us better understand what motivates and discourages us. It also helps us take better care of ourselves. Knowing some key things about ourselves can help set work time up for success. Consider these things when making your schedule-

What things cause you distraction?

What schedule for meals and rest periods help you stay focused?

What helps you stay refreshed and energized during the day?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you take care of yourself and keep you more productive. Build your schedule and include self-care so you can maximize your time on duty.

Tip- Protect your schedule.

Once you’ve made the schedule that works best for your unique rhythm, it’s important to protect it. There are many ways your schedule can be disrupted and it’s up to you to set boundaries and limits that protect it. Learn to say no to things that are distracting or trying to force you into working in ways that aren’t best for you.   

If you have the freedom to create your own schedule, you’re at an advantage. Being able to craft a schedule that works for your unique personality and rhythm is an excellent way to make your days productive and profitable.   

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