Scheduling Tools that Make Sense for Teams and Individuals

Some people work best with tools that help them laser focus. They love apps and platforms that help them stay productive and on task. Sometimes having an external application for planning, communicating, and scheduling helps everyone.

Here are a variety of tools that can help you schedule yourself or your team for better productivity

The Pomodoro method-

Not everyone can run a marathon. Thankfully they don’t have to. It’s the same with work schedules. Some people can work for hours without a break and accomplish a lot of work. Others, like sprinters, are great for short bursts but need a break to refresh, regroup, and become more productive. That’s where the Pomodoro timer tool comes in. This method for productivity is well recognized as an effective way to generate high-quality work in intervals. The method uses intervals of 25 minutes for work with 5-minute breaks in between. After four cycles of work, a 15-minute break starts the process over again.

This tool can be helpful for some people who need to move about a bit between concentrated intervals of work or need to give their bodies or brains a quick rest before moving on.

Tools for teams-

If you work with teams and want to keep everyone up to date, on the same page, and keep track of tasks and time, you may love tools like Trello,, or Meister Task. These platforms are geared toward teams and can help keep communication clear and accountability high. They are a great resource for scheduling and helping staff stay on task and on time.

Communication tools-

Whether you work in teams or solo, there are great apps that can help you stay connected and communicating with ease. Apps like Voxer, and Marco Polo are excellent ways to communicate with staff, clients, or your family. They are direct links to people on your contacts list and archive the contacts you make so you can easily go back and review what’s been shared. Voxer works a lot like a walkie talkie and Marco Polo includes video and has other features for adding images or attachments.

Everyone knows that tools help make projects better. Having the right tools to help with your schedule makes sense. Choosing the tools that are most beneficial for your personal work style and the needs of your business are easier than ever with the wide variety of resources out there. Choose the tool that works best for you and you’ll be managing your schedule with ease.

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